What is the appropriate food for puppies ?

Proper, balanced eating protocol is the password for establishing the dog's body from childhood and the harmonious growth of the puppy's body and muscles. 

As the MaxPet product is a natural food supplement and is completely safe for puppies and during pregnancy and lactation

And when it is added to the puppy’s meal, it provides the puppy’s body with all vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B complex and folic acid, along with calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, to build muscles and complete the harmonious growth of the puppy.

Also, in order to avoid most of the problems of puppies, which is the problem of puppies’ ears falling out (such as the German Shepherd and the Husky), for example, at a young age, because the problem becomes difficult to solve with age.

Suggested meals are as follows:

Meal 1

Children eat from the human pharmacy, whether

Plain wheat cerelac

Or a plain hero

Meal 2

Mashed and filtered beans

Preferably blended

With a boiled egg

(maximum four times a week)

With cottage cheese

With Balady Bread

Note, it is not preferable to use Fino Bread

Meal 3

equal amounts of

● Boneless chicken breast


A quarter of a minced chicken


Chicken or beef liver (liver maximum twice a week)


● Some types of boiled vegetables - mashed or chopped

Beans, peas and carrots and zucchini (zucchini not too much to make diarrhea)

And potatoes (Potatoes are not too much to make constipation)

You can also add some mint or parsley sticks.


● With rice or boiled pasta

Or Balady bread

Meal 4

Skimmed yogurt

With a good type of dry food for puppies.

Meal 5

A good type of dry food for puppies

And a quarter cup of warm water is added to it, as well as a triangle cheese mold.

Carrots can be served raw between meals, as a snack.

♤ It is not preferable to offer milk, even skim milk, to puppies, because it may be a direct cause of allergies to some puppies, as well as diarrhea at times.

♤ It is not recommended to serve Fino bread because it can cause punching and indigestion in the puppy

Greetings from the Max Pet family

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