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Complementing the topic of Taking care of your pet friend
We talked before about hair loss and the appropriate ways to treat it
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And we complete the topic of dog hair and bathing
The topic of combing remains for us in another blog, God willing

We need to know some information and warnings
1- Human shampoo is not suitable for dogs in most cases, because the nature of your loyal friend’s hair is more alkaline than human hair, which is more acidic, and therefore often human shampoo is not suitable for your loyal friend’s hair.
And of course, hand soap (even liquid soap) or dish soap is not suitable at all.
2- It is forbidden to bathe the puppy before completing his vaccination protocol in full, meaning not before completing his age from 3 to 4 months
3- It is forbidden, during the shower, to enter the water inside the ear or shampoo in the eye.
4- The water temperature is appropriate and moderate.
5- Considering the number of showers, especially in the winter, or exposure to cold air currents after showering.
6- Providing some favorite toys for puppies, especially for the first few times of bathing.

We need to make sure that the puppy is reassured, while trying to calm it down by talking and patting it, so that bathing becomes one of the beloved habits of your pet friend later on.
In general, there is no universal rule agreed upon for the number of showers.
But it depends on many variable factors, such as whether your pet friend is inside or outside the house, hair length, health conditions, age, activity rate, effort, and others.

Most suggested is shampooing
🐶 From one to two times a month in hot weather
🐶 From one to two times a month in the cold weather.
With the use of your pet friend's towel
Hair dryer with caution of high temperature or that some puppies are afraid of loud sound and hot air

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Thus, we talked about bathing in general, so that it is one of the good habits and happy times for your pet friend 
The most important thing is that we emphasize that a healthy and behavioral upbringing will save you time, effort, and money later.

Greetings from Max Pet Egypt

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