Parvo virus

Parvo is a very fierce virus on puppies, like any virus, and it is really spreading horribly and depends on the weak immunity of puppies. May God protect all their dogs and puppies.

At birth, the puppy will have immunity derived from the mother's milk at the time of lactation, but after weaning, the immunity derived from the mother, of course, decreases, and the puppy begins to form its own immunity.

We need to know that parvo is one of the basic diseases in any dog ​​vaccination protocol, whether binary, five, seven or eight.
Therefore, any puppy who follows his vaccination protocol with the veterinarian will be safe, God willing, but with conditions
Be warned of the puppy leaving the house because the puppy may be infected with any virus, and God forbid, before he finishes his vaccination protocol in full, and this is the least time when the puppy’s immunity is still forming, and therefore any disease that affects the puppy reduces and destroys immunity at this young age.

Be warned that the puppy is forbidden to take a bath before it is 3 months old, and this is because bathing removes the fatty layer that protects the puppy’s body from exposure to an air current, and then it turns cold and destroys the immunity of the puppy, and thus it becomes infected with any disease.
Based on the foregoing, the secret in preserving puppies is immunity, which is one of the very basic needs of puppies and bringing them to safety. The most dangerous time is the time of low immunity derived from the mother and between the time of building his own immunity.
Here, the role of the MAX PET product is to raise the level of immunity strongly, which maintains the health of the puppies, given that it is a completely natural product, free of colors and dyes, free of preservatives, and characterized by the completely natural chicken smell that attracts dogs and puppies.
The MAX PET product is rich in all the very important elements for raising immunity, such as omega, vitamin B complex, folic acid, and all the necessary mineral salts, such as zinc, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, selenium, and all these things that help the puppies pass through this critical time safely. Allah.

MAX PET POWDER can be added to any dog ​​food protocol
Raw food
Cooked food - fresh food
Dry food - dry food.

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