Max Pet - Cat Supplement (100 grams)

115.00 EGP

Max pet Cat food Supplement is developed using premium quality health food ingredients. Max Pet will provide your pet with the full range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential omega fatty acids. Totally Organic & very Safe for kitten & highly recommended during pregnancy. A completely natural powder product from the finest materials, And a licensed as veterinary food supplement. Safe for all cat types & ages, pregnancy and during lactation.

MaxPet powder should be added to any types of food protocol to turn it into a balanced diet (super premium), whether the type of food is fresh food or dry food.

Free from preservatives and artificial colours.

An appetizing natural chicken flavour, it provides your cat with all the vitamins needed from Vitamin B Complex 2, 6 and 12, folic acid, glucosamine and biotin.

Furthermore, all types of minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, selenium and zinc which will improve general health conditions and digestion, healthy growth and raising immunity.

MaxPet rich with Omega 3, 6 and 9 that your cat’s hair needs for smooth and thick hair in addition to minimize hair loss.

A powder supplement that is very safe for all types of cats and ages because it is made of completely natural materials and with a natural chicken flavor. It is added to the cats’ daily food to turn it into a super premium food

* Stimulates and strengthens the immune system to resist diseases, especially immunodeficiency diseases and global warming.
* A strong appetizer intended for skinny cats, which helps them gain some weight.
* Maintains the luster of cats' hair, strengthens it and prevents it from falling out.
* Supporting muscle growth and stretching smoothly.
* Strengthens and maintains general health conditions during pregnancy and childbirth. Furthermore after birth to the mother and during breastfeeding and indirect to the kittens.
* Supports and improves digestion and kidney function.
* Control & prevent heat stroke 
* The presence of vitamins C & E maintains and stabilizes the body temperature of your lovely pet, especially during the high temperature , to protect it from heat stroke.

Daily doses are according to your cat's body-weight.

The recommended daily doses are added to any dietary protocol, whether it is fresh food or dry food.

Kittens or Little cats (weighing up to 3 kg)
1 teaspoon daily

Medium sized cats (Weight from 3.1 kg to 5 kg)
2 teaspoons daily

Large or pregnant cats (Weighing more than 5 kg)
3 teaspoons daily

 *The daily dose can be divided into more than one meal per day


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